Are Bloggers (Like Me) Boring?

Contemplate this mindfuck:

I write blogs, but rarely do I read other blogs – or at least get past the first two to three lines.


Well, cause they’re fucking boring.

(Told you it was a bit of a mindfuck)

I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one that thinks this.

Trouble is, I don’t think people write with enough flair. Or enough of the “I really don’t give a shit” attitude.

They are confined by perceived limitations or self-imposed restrictions on how things “should” be done.

It’s not always possible to write creatively, of course. The news, for instance, really isn’t the place to be going off on unrelated tangents.

But feature writing, blog writing are mediums were people should feel compelled to write freely.

Too often I find myself switching off by the second, third line.

Perhaps it’s just me.

Maybe I’ve got a really short attention span.

Though, I know for sure this is far from uncommon in the modernised digital age we live in where we can find answers to almost anything instantaneously.

People don’t really want to read any more.┬áIt’s too much hard work.

Give them a video to watch or, at most, 140 characters over Twitter. They can just about manage that.

It’s more difficult now than ever to keep people engaged with content, or blog writing.

So why write like a boring cunt?

One of the key things, you may have noticed, about my writing style is the “short and sharp” approach.

I don’t like to overload on information for the sake of reaching a word count – or because it looks like I’ve put a bit more effort in.

I like to be direct and to the point. Fuck style guides, my paragraphs are short because I know it’s less likely some cunt will get bored and go back to wanking off to Fake Taxi.

I realise that with this blog post carries the possibility of a large sense of irony and perhaps some hypocrisy too.

Though, if you’re reading this then I’ve successfully managed to keep you engaged (and away from Fake Taxi) for a good 90 seconds of your lifetime.

Either that, or you’re a clever dick who’s just skipped to the end.

Point being to all this is thus; people shouldn’t feel constrained by writing. It ought not to be monotonous*.

Think like a reader. Would you read that shit?


(*Monotonous means “boring”, silly).

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