Getting back into writing? (If I can be arsed, maybe?)

Fuck me, I’ve taken a dive here.

Almost three years it’s taken me to update this blog*. It would be great if I could turn around and say it’s because “I’ve been really busy with project X, Y and Z” but the demoralising reality is I’ve probably not been that arsed with the whole thing.

*You’d think any normal person would have just stopped paying web hosting¬†unnecessarily for a stagnant website, wouldn’t you?

I mean, I’m almost not even 20s any more.¬†Maybe that’s why I’ve sub-consciously decided to write this. To somehow justify the existence of this blog while I’m still clinging onto the last shreds of my 20s.

(Either that or I just bought a new laptop and the novelty of it all has led me here. One of the two.)

It’s a bit of a shame really because I had some proper grand plans for this blog originally and how I was going to slag everyone and everything off. Think I just bottled it, to be honest.

This whole thing is unscripted, though, and I have no idea where I’m really going with this other than to say; I’m pretty sure there’s still something in me telling me I’m alright at this writing thing and I should probably do more.

It’s actually quite nice when people do read some of stuff I’ve written in the past (link to another haplessly updated blog that I like to spunk web hosting on here) and make comment that they think it’s decent.

I suppose there’s a chance they could be just saying that not to hurt my feelings, but I reckon there’s some sincerity about it.

And then there’s other people’s blogs that I look at and think “This really is shit. I could do a lot better“.

All in all, I think I’m probably doing this to make myself feel a little bit better about the whole situation. I’m not even sure what I could potentially write about next. I mean, this was pretty much just some ramblings of nothingness.

I’m going to set myself a target. Write another blog before I have to (pointlessly) change the domain name because I’ve hit 30. That gives me around about nine months (I’ve just baulked after writing that line) – which is actually a bit of a challenge considering it’s taken me the best part of three years to sum up the effort to do this.

Stay tuned, guys. You never know.

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