Why this blog is here to ruin your life

Hey, you! Why is this blog here?!

Good question, Sir, Madam or other.

This blog is here because as each passing day of my life goes by I begin to realise that I’ve a lot more to talk about than just football*.

I guess that’s the perils of growing up. I’m finding myself “having an opinion” on shit that just wouldn’t of mattered to me before.

I even have a remote interest in politics these days.**

**(At least every five years when I jump on the Anti-Tory bandwagon)

That’s not to say that this blog will be all grown-up, civilised and full of preachy bollocks.

It’s intended to be an open account of various subject matters.

Basically, I can write what the fuck I want and get away with it.

Along the way I can’t promise that I won’t offend many of the people I come into day-to-day contact with.

Although, I’m likely to refer to them indirectly as I’m a bit of a fanny like that.

They probably won’t read this, anyway.

And even if they do, I can always claim it wasn’t about them.

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble and I can already sense I’ve lost 95% of the readership that began this post.

So, fuck it, I’m just going to end this abruptly.







*In case “other shit” ain’t your thing, you can read about football here.

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